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Self Balancing Robot

The world of Robotics is progressing by the minute. It's touching our lives in different ways every now and then. The ease of learning this skill has enabled people to be innovative and create new things daily. One such bot constructed is the self balancing bot which works on the principle of  inverted pendulum. It balances itself by counterbalancing the fall of the bot using motors, sensors and  arduino primarily.
 To keep the structure in an upright position a feedback and a correcting element is essential. The feedback element is the gyroscope and accelerometer also known as the Inertial Sensor Unit collectively ,gives both acceleration and rotation in all three axis which is used by the Arduino to know the current orientation of the robot. The actuator block which drives the correcting element i.e. the motors and wheels, has two drivers that receive analog voltage signal from controller and produce current signal to drive the motors at the desired torque. As the robot tilts, a …